Blockchain and
are under attack

The Problem

Mt. Gox

Crypto Exchanges Hacked

Mt. Gox (650,000 BTC), Bitfinex (120,000 BTC), Youbit (closed)


Crypto Wallets Hacked

Parity Technologies ($30M), CoinPouch ($6.5M), Tether ($31M)

DAO Ethereum

Blockchains Hacked

DAO Ethereum ($50M), Shift / Krypton (51% attack)

The Solution

It takes a strict, multipronged approach to secure permissioned blockchain communications. BlockSafe solutions are built on multipatented and patent-pending technology and backed by 17 years of delivering cutting-edge cyber security.

  • Blockchain Defender™ — Security for permissioned blockchains such as those used by enterprises and industry consortia.
  • Exchange Defender™ — Security for crypto exchanges.
  • Crypto Defender™ — Security for crypto wallets on desktop, mobile, and cloud-based platforms, designed to prevent the harmful actions of malware.

Blockchain Defender™ is a holistic user management platform offering the most comprehensive access control and policy enforcement layer for protecting permissioned blockchains. It supports the two most common permissioned blockchain interfaces, with solutions to defend your system where vulnerabilities are greatest.

And Blockchain Defender™ offers reliable, efficient integration with legacy enterprise systems and other blockchains, providing a communication gateway that lets you unleash the full power of your blockchain.

Blockchain Security Agent

  • Blockchain Firewall
  • Access Authentication
  • Corporate Policy Enforcement
  • DDoS Protection
  • Blockchain Load Balancer

Blockchain Security Cloud Service

  • User Management
  • Multifactor Authentication Server
  • Policy Server
  • Rules Engine

Exchange Defender™ protects the exchange network from hackers with multifactor out-of-band authentication. It provides exchange customers with patented “coin verification” technology and secures private key databases against hackers.

Crypto Defender™ offers a comprehensive solution to endpoint vulnerabilities, adding multiple layers of security to protect crypto wallet keystrokes from malware attacks. It’s compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS platforms, to secure all your endpoint devices.

With Crypto Defender™ military-grade AES-256 encryption, the password you enter to logon or decrypt your blockchain private key stays safe. And hackers can’t change your clipboard data to redirect your crypto transactions to their own secret destinations.

Desktop capabilities

  • Keystroke Protection
  • Anti-Screenscraping
  • Anti-Clickjacking
  • Clipboard Security
  • Webcam Security*
  • Cryptographic Integrity Monitoring*
  • Trusted Platform Integration*
  • Ransomware Security*
  • Self-Healing Capabilities*
  • * = future release

Mobile capabilities

  • Encrypted Keyboard
  • Secure Password Vault
  • Encrypted Data Vault
  • Random Password Generator
  • Two Factor Authenticator
  • Secure Browser
  • Anti-Screencapture*
  • * = future release

About Us

BlockSafe Technologies, Inc. is a US company incorporated in Wyoming with headquarters in Edison, NJ. The company has licensed patented technology from Strikeforce Technologies, Inc. and plans to enhance it with additional product offerings.

Our team is comprised of people experienced in cyber security sales and operations. Our company is planning on an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise funds for further product development and operations.