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Welcome to the inaugural post of the BlockSafe Blog. It’s going to be pretty interesting and a lot of fun.

We’ve decided to launch this blog because not enough is being said about the security flaws plaguing cryptocurrency and the blockchain ecosystem, and cryptocurrency by extension. Millions of dollars are still stolen every day and, much to our dismay, the number is growing.

New hacks continue to emerge, causing fear and uncertainty about crypto, stifling enthusiasm and scaring would-be participants. Businesses large and small are investing more to build permissioned blockchains, blissfully unaware of threats that loom just out of sight. What’s worse than a crypto bear market? Surviving it just to be ripped off by some hacker you had no idea was watching.

Our business is defending against malware and our passion is blockchain, so naturally, it’s our duty to leave no stone unturned in the battle against the theft that’s grown rampant in our industry. It’s bad enough that thieves set out each day to steal the hard-earned money of crypto-investors like you and me, but they also threaten the entire industry, draining it of the confidence that any burgeoning technology needs to survive.

We want to be part of the infrastructure that propels digital assets and blockchain technology forward, past the skeptics and into the mainstream. But this can only happen if crypto investors and blockchain enthusiasts prioritize security to the same level as the next Coinbase listing. If we continue to look at every one of malware’s victims with a shrug and a “glad that it wasn’t me” mentality, then one day it will be.
Because these hackers lurk in the shadows, we’re going to shine a light. Our greatest weapon in the war against these bad actors is to increase exposure for their misdeeds… well, increase exposure and provide great software for combating the threats.

On this blog, you’ll find everything from analysis of the month’s blockchain security headlines to deep dives into high-profile hacks. We will also discuss tips and tricks for keeping your investments safe and what to avoid at all costs. We’ll post expert opinions on relevant issues as well as Q&As on the state of the industry and to help answer your questions.

We want to thank everyone for reading and encourage everyone to comment, subscribe, and continue the conversation.

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