BlockSafe Invites Crypto Enthusiasts Worldwide to Become Ambassadors

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From DragonEx’s data breach to Bithumb and Binance’s multi-million dollar thefts, hackers have stolen $356 million of crypto in the first quarter of 2019 alone. Despite the fact that they continue to target the growing pool of crypto funds, security is still immature, which is why we are taking a more active role in generating awareness with the launch of our Ambassador Program.

The program, which is open to participants globally, is a great way for everyone who feels strongly about the rising need to secure the cryptocurrency community and earn money, while bolstering crypto wallet security. All they need to do is refer our CryptoDefender™ product to their networks of crypto investors, banks, and financial institutions, will receive up to 33% of the profits generated from their referrals. Our CryptoDefender™ app, which is available for $9.99 monthly or $99 yearly subscriptions, protects crypto wallets by securing desktop and mobile devices.

As an added incentive, we are offering all our ambassadors the opportunity to access additional commissions that can be unlocked by investing in our Securitized Token Offering of BSAFE token through investment packages created just for our ambassadors.

We are very excited about the level of engagement from our social media community around the program. Our global Telegram communications network, for example, has over 7,900 members. We are looking forward to seeing greater momentum in the coming days. Interested in signing up for our Ambassador Program? All you need to do is visit

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