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We are so pleased to see the BlockSafe community grow. From crypto enthusiasts to established investors, we have a number of people who share our enthusiasm for blockchain and are supporting our commitment to secure the ecosystem. To show our appreciation, BlockSafe will give away $10K of CryptoDefender™  subscriptions. That’s right – $10,000!

What’s CryptoDefender™

Our CryptoDefender app is the perfect solution to protect your crypto assets from hackers lurking in the shadows.

As crypto grows, so will the relentless hacks that continue to plague the industry. These hacks have created fear among potential investors and contribute to the instability of the market. What we need is a solution that stops crypto hackers right in their tracks, and our CryptoDefender app does exactly that.

CryptoDefender is available in both mobile and desktop versions. For mobile, users can access the CryptoDefenderapp with their Apple or Android smartphones and tablets. For computers, Windows or MacOS.

The features of CryptoDefender™ include:

  • Secure Keyboard prevents the OS and malware from logging your keystrokes. All keystrokes entered in the custom keyboard are encrypted, which allows you to safely login or decrypt your secret key.
  • Secure Browser is a custom, secure, hardened browser that prevents the storage of cookies and other malware artifacts. The secure browser is re-created for every session.
  • Password/Data Vault enables the AES-256 encrypted storage of passwords, keys, and data. Access to the vault can be secured via fingerprint. The secure browser can be launched from within the vault.
  • Strong Password Generator creates strong passwords based on user-defined preferences and stores them in the password vault for future usage.
  • Keystroke Encryption prevents malware from spying on what you type. The keystrokes are secured between the kernel and the wallet application using military grade encryption. Now, the password you enter to login or decrypt your secret key is safe.
  • Clipboard Copy Protection prevents malware from monitoring the clipboard to spy on, copy and paste the contents of the clipboard. This way, the destination address for a crypto transaction is not modified.
  • Anti-Screen Capture prevents screen-scraping malware from taking screenshots of information surreptitiously.
  • Anti-Clickjacking displays hidden frames or frames originating from a potentially malicious domain. This neutralizes one of the favorite tricks that allows hackers to download malware onto your computer.

Now that you know how the app works, see how you can qualify for the CryptoDefender app below.

$10K Giveaway Qualifications

BlockSafe will be giving away a full year subscription of the CryptoDefender app to 139 people. In order to qualify, you need to:

1. Sign up for our email subscription

2. Follow us on Twitter

3. Like us on Facebook

4. Join our Telegram group (@officialblocksafetechnology2019)

Our monthly CryptoDefender subscription is $5.99 a month. Winners will receive a free full year subscription and will be able to choose between CryptoDefender’s mobile or computer software. BlockSafe’s CryptoDefender subscription is good for two devices.
If you’re not selected as a winner of the $10K giveaway, there is no need to frown because you can still get a free 30-day trial of the CryptoDefender app.

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